THE CEO’s LOVE NOTE: The Blessing of Giving

Dearly beloved,
Welcome to November, which under God, has been declared as a month of giving. With the turn of events in 2020, the year 2021 became a distant sight, but today, God, in His faithfulness, has even brought the year 2022 in our sights. And even more, we yet have some time to do more for the Lord while He tarries.

I want to first celebrate you for holding fast to this Vision and as always being a blessing to the Body of Christ, especially in generosity. And I want to invite you to share in the blessing of Giving financially to God’s kingdom through the Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria.

When the purpose of Giving is not understood, the privilege of Giving becomes a burden. Here are 5 reasons why this platform is essential and urgent

  1. The vision of caring for the whole man is undoubtedly from God. Millions of lives have been blessed because we played our part.
  2. In these end times, the work of engaging, equipping and deploying Christian medical and dental students, as well as Doctors and Dentists across all platforms of influence is an emergency in the quest to make disciples of all nations.
  3. As students, CMDA Nigeria was a nurturing platform that helped most of the Christian Doctors and Dentist we know to discover, shape and gain experiences in the areas of God’s vision for their lives.
  4. God has given you the resources to do so. Moreover, the Macedonian church gave generously out of their want and in times of crises.
  5. It is a privilege to give of the resources that God first gave us to advance his work.

One major area of focus for November, our month of Giving, is the building project. As you know, CMDA Nigeria will be 50 years old in 2022. We are persuaded that having a building by the end of 2021 will help us to equip members to be witnesses and to serve humanity better at this time. We are so many who God has helped, and we can do it.


This building will host several events in 2022 including:

  • The Governing Council meeting in February
  • Training of Trainers meetings for Institute of Medical Missions, Whole Person Medicine, the Good Teacher, Saline, Cluster Support, and Starting Strong programmes.
  • Basic Course of the Institute for Excellence in Healthcare and Leadership and
  • Student’s national council meeting.

The building will provide storage for medicines and equipment needed for missions and will also provide office accommodation for some of our staff and volunteers.

If we could raise 30 million naira to complete the building today, we would be saving 12.5million on accommodation in 2022 alone and 76 million over the next 5 years.


  • Website:
    • Donate
    • Buying the items
    • Pledge
  • Transfers
  • In Person
    • Cash & In-Kind
    • Drop offs at the secretariat
  • Volunteering
    • Time
    • Service


  • You (Individuals-students/doctors)
  • Chapters
  • Friends
  • Churches

Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria
Bank: UBA
Naira: 1018339742

Building Project Account
Bank: Zenith
Naira: 1011182754

For those outside the country:

  • Zelle: [email protected] (4435274199)
  • PayPal: (already linked to the “Donate Button” on the CMDA Nigeria Global Network Website)
  • Direct Bank Deposit: CMDA Nigeria Global Network; Bank of America.
    Routing #: 052001633 (Paper/Electronic); 026009593 (Wires Account #: 446046714370)
  • Checks by mail (No cash): To CMDA Nigeria Global Network; 1928 Woodlawn Drive, Woodlawn, MD 21207, USA

For further enquiries or clarifications, call or send a WhatsApp chat to 08091533339 or 08091533333.

Giving is an important principle God instituted as a means of blessing His children and for His children to bless others. When we are totally consumed by the love of God, we will want to give our all to Him.
All being said, we should realize and remember that God is not just interested in our giving money and substance of worth but in giving our total being; body, soul(heart) and spirit.

God is counting on us. My part I will play, this mission to accomplish.

Prof Chima Onoka
CEO, CMDA Nigeria


The secretariat continues to have:

  • weekly planning meeting for the different arms of CMDA Nigeria, where strategies are discussed, and tasks assigned to fulfill the vision of the Association.
  • Secretariat duties include correspondence on every communication platform, administrative support to Chapters and committees, development of communication materials for the organization, managing inventory and managing content on the website etc.
  • The secretariat coordinated the implementation of IfEHL Basic course that held in Hospital Chapel, National Hospital Abuja.
  • The secretariat provided support in the production of communication materials in respect to the month of giving – November.




  • CMDA Benue state - Had their monthly meeting titled “Practicing whole person care” on the 10th of October. The speaker was Dr Monday.


  • CMDA Bida - Had their Monthly General meeting and House officers meeting.


  • CMDA Gwagwalada - Had their monthly prayer meeting.


  • CMDA Keffi - Had their monthly meeting titled “Ethical Dilemmas in medical practice”. The Speaker was Dr Ameh Pius. It was a wonderful time of learning and fellowship in God’s presence. Their weekly prayer meeting also held on the 7th and 14th of October 2021.



  • CMDA Kwara Chapter held a Joint Doctors & Students online Conference on the 26th of September. Dr Mrs. Ilesanmi spoke on the theme- “The Doctor’s health: Coping with stress in the school and work environment.”


  • CMDA LUTH Chapter held a doctors’ general meeting via zoom on the 29th of September. Dr Kayode Iyun ministered on the topic, “Light Bearers.”
  • The chapter in partnership with Foursquare Gospel church provided free medical consultation and drugs at a medical outreach to Adekunle Police barracks on the 2nd of October.
  • The LUTH chapter also held their online prayer meetings on the 3rd, 10th and 17th and 27th of October.


  • CMDA Asaba Chapter embarked on a hospital evangelism at the Male Medical Ward of FMC Asaba on the 15th of October.


  • CMDA Oyo Chapter had an online fellowship meeting on the 1st of October. Dr. Dare Esan ministered on the theme, “Love is Light.”
  • The chapter also had prayer meetings on the 6th, 13th and 20th of October via zoom.
  • CMDA LTH Chapter ministered to patients at the Female Medical and Surgical wards of the LAUTECH Teaching Hospital (LTH) on the 8th of October.
  • The chapter also held an online prayer meeting on the 10th of October.


  • CMDA OOUTH Chapter had prayer meetings at the Reigning Christ Chapel on the 13th and 20th of October.


  • CMDA Ido-Ekiti Chapter held a staff prayer meeting on the 4th of October at the Hospital Christian Chapel (FETHI). The theme of the meeting was “Liberty for the captives.”
  • The chapter also held their weekly bible study at the FETHI Hospital Chapel on the 9th and 13th of October.
  • On the 1st of October, the chapter had an interactive online session on “In Times Like This.”


  • CMDA Ile-Ife had their monthly family meeting on the 11th of October at OAUTH Chapel. Bro. Seun Olalekan ministered on the theme- “Biblical Perspective on Work, Calling and Ministry: Tools for Workplace Evangelism.”
  • The chapter also held prayer meetings on the 3rd, 10th and 17th of October via zoom.
  • CMDA UTH Chapter held a bible study on the 22nd of October at the UTH Chapel.



  • CMDA Rivers- The house of CMDA Rivers visited the Children Emergency Unit of BMSH Rivers State. The children were ministered to and got items were shared al to the glory of God.
  • CMDA Rivers - also had their October general meeting on Thursday, 21st October 2021 at the senior staff canteen UPTH. It was tagged "Behold I have set before thee an open door". It was a refreshing time as brethren came today to share their testimonies of God's goodness and be edified with his word.


  • CMDA Uyo - had Wholeness Missions (Etebi 2021) at Etebi community Esit Eket LGA Akwa Ibom State from the 21st-24th October 2021. Activities included counselling, consultation, sharing of drugs and sharing the word of God with the residents. Indeed, it was a good way to remind the people that God loves and is thinking about them constantly.


  • CMDA Enugu in partnership with lively seed assembly had a rural mission outreach on the 23rd October 2021. It was a good time and place to remind the people of the importance of sacrifice and God's undying love to them. Lives were touched, Jesus was and still glorified


The Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria, in line with her vision, is inviting you to the 1st of 3 series. (Details in picture)
Date: Saturday, 6th November 2021
Time: 04:55pm
Platform: ZOOM
Link to the training:
Meeting ID: 875 6231 2481
Passcode: 519328

N/B: Prior knowledge is not a requirement for attending this training

After a year’s hiatus, the Student’s arm of CMDA Nigeria will be gathering physically for their annual National Conference.

This year’s conference is tagged “Learning of Christ; understanding God’s pattern for building life, ministry and practice.” and is being hosted by UPTH chapter from November 11th – 14th. It promises to be an impactful and life-changing meeting.

Attendees are encouraged to register online by following this link Register before closure of the portal by 8th November.


  • We appreciate God for who He is and all He has done - Deuteronomy 33:26-27.
  • We give God thanks for CMDA, for where we are and where He is leading us to. Psalms 92:1.
  • We declare that the Grace of the Lord will abound towards CMDA, that we will have in abundance and abound in every good work - 2 Corinthians 9:8.
  • Let us thank Him for the body of Christ in this nation - Col 1:12
  • Let us thank God for the just concluded IfEHL Basic course that was a huge success; and for journey mercies. Let us pray that the transformation of the lives of IFEHL alumni will remain permanent- Proverbs 21:31, Romans 11:29.
  • Pray for the successful and speedy completion of CMDA Nigeria building project, and provision of the requisite resources for every other ongoing project - Psalm 126:2-6.
  • Speak successes into the lives of our members writing one examination or the other - Daniel 1:20.
  • Let us ask that God will raise up in the Household of CMDA, oaks of righteousness, women and men who will stand as a witness and testimony to the Light and Life found in Jesus Christ - Isaiah 61:3, Isaiah 42:6.
  • Let us pray for the Students’ Arm, that God will give them insight and understanding that will distinguish them from their peers and bring Glory to Jesus - Daniel 1:20.
  • Let us ask God to grant the young doctors favour in the sight of their superiors - Daniel 1:9, Esther 2:15.
  • Let us pray for revival fire in all our CMDA chapters and awakening of evangelistic burdens - Leviticus 6:11-13, Matthew 9:37-38.
  • Let us ask God to pour out the Spirit of wisdom and revelation on all CMDA leaders that they will know what the Lord wants done in every season and execute it in His Way - Proverbs 8:15, Ephesians 1:17.
  • Let us pray that the peace that surpasses human understanding will continue to reign in our lives - Isaiah 32:18, Jeremiah 33:6.
  • Let us ask that the Lord will strengthen us by His Spirit in our inner man, that our strength would not fail us, and that our minds be stayed on him- Ephesians 3:16, Proverbs 24:10, Isaiah 26:3.
  • Ask for divine intervention, consolation, provision and protection of our brethren involved in the cases of house demolition in Kaduna State and other troubled areas in the country - Psalms 68.
  • Invoke the mystery of the blood of Jesus over every member of CMDA Nigeria. We are protected and preserved in Jesus’ name - Hebrews 12:24, Exodus 12:23.
  • Let us pray for the health sector, let us speak peace to it. Let us ask the Lord for wisdom for those at the helm of affairs. That they will make the right decisions, at the right time - 1 Timothy 2:2.
  • Pray for the peace of the nation and against any insurgency of any kind. Pray that the church of God will come into her place in the nation. - Matthew 16:18
  • Declare that only the counsel of the Lord concerning Nigeria will stand. That righteousness will be exalted in Nigeria - Proverbs 14:34, Psalms 33:11.
  • Let us pray for a revival of the spirit of missions, the spirit that will push out God’s people into the harvest - Luke 10:2, Matt 9:37-38.
  • Let us pray for a revival of true worship in the Church and for a revelation of the Lordship of Jesus Christ - John 4:23, Eph 1:17.
  • Let us declare that Nigeria's tomorrow shall always be greater than her yesterday in the Mighty name of Jesus. Let us also declare that Nigeria shall experience complete restorations of everything she has lost - Joel 2:23,25 Hagg 2:9-12.
  • Let us pray that God will raise in their numbers, men who will lay down their lives for the Lord and His cause - Romans 12:1, 16:4, Revelation 12:11.


Account Details

  1. CMDA Zenith Naira Account: 1011182754
  2. CMDA Zenith Dollar Account: 5070061715

If you wish to give from outside Nigeria, you can give through any of the following:

  1. Zelle: [email protected] (4435274199)
  2. PayPal:
  3. CashApp: $CMDANGLOBAL
  4. Direct Bank Deposit: CMDA Nigeria Global Network; Bank of America;
  5. Routing #: 052001633 (Paper/Electronic); 026009593 (Wires Account #: 446046714370)
  6. Checks by mail (No cash): To CMDA Nigeria Global Network; 1928 Woodlawn Drive, Woodlawn, MD 21207, USA


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